Over 200 Human Trafficking Cases Exposed

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December 8, 2017
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December 10, 2017

Date: December 9, 2017

Location: Myanmar

More than 200 cases of human trafficking were exposed from January to November this year, and most of them were forced marriages with Chinese men, according to a statement released by the anti-human trafficking police force.
In the 11-month period, there were 57 cases in Yangon Region, 52 in Shan State and 29 in Kachin State, with and the remaining in other states and regions. However, Chin and Kayah states did not experience any cases.

In transnational human trafficking cases, most women victims were sold into forced marriages with Chinese men. In some cases, victims were forced into Thailand to work as marine workers.

“Yangon had 57 trafficking in person cases from January to November, and 30 out of them were related to forced marriages with Chinese men. In some cases, women were forced into prostitution within the country. Some cases are related to job exploitation.

“Women are most subjected to human trafficking. Selling women into forced marriages with Chinese men can generate good prices. In some cases, women were sold into working at KTVs [karaoke bars] and brothels,” said police major Khin Maung Kywe from No.6 Anti-human Trafficking Police Force (Yangon).

In the over 200 cases, over 600 offenders – more than over 200 men and 400 women – were arrested. About 60 men, over 220 women and over 50 children were saved from being trafficked.

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