Analysing the Bill of the proposed Anti Trafficking Law 2018

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July 10, 2018
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As the Prerana Anti Trafficking Centre (ATC) team, we would like to share the thoughts we have on the Bill of the proposed Anti Trafficking Law 2018, which is scheduled to be tabled during the monsoon session of Parliament that began on Wednesday, 18th July.

The Anti-trafficking Bill has no measures to ensure that relief and compensation given to the victim is not hijacked by the perpetrators. It also undoing past accomplishments of CrPC 357 and usurping victims’ money for vague programmes. Misdiagnosis leading to mistreatment. Socio-economic problem being solved with Crime and Punishment model. Protection missing, Rehabilitation misunderstood.

Prevention seems to appear only in the title of the proposed AHT Bill 2018. The Bill-2018 spends the initial 8 pages and 12 sections on high power bureaucratic bodies all at the cost of the tax payers. Lip service to prevention as it appears barely in one – Section 20.

You can read more of our thoughts below:

Rehabilitation Fund

Victim & Compensation

Designated Courts

Protection & Rehabilitation

Preventive Measures

Foundations of AHT Bill 2018

Brief comments on AHT Bill 2018 by Dr Pravin Patkar

You may also read the proposed bill here.

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– Dr. Pravin Patkar, Ms. Priti Patkar & Ms. Kashina Kareem (ATC-Prerana)

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