Restoring Dignity Through Education

Trafficking Survivors Fight Social Stigma & Legal Battles in West Bengal
August 21, 2018
SC Approves NALSA Suggestion Of Minimum Rs 4 Lakh Compensation For Women Victims Of Sexual Assault; Extends It To Minors
September 6, 2018


With the vicious circle that trafficking is, it is important to educate and make children of those trafficked aware of their rights. It is pertinent, as traffickers increasingly exploit the child’s vulnerability. Educating such children about their rights not only helps prevent trafficking, but also opens the door for their future where they are empowered enough to pull themselves and their family out of the unending cycle of trafficking. Jeet’s case is one such effort by Prerana to support the dream of this little boy and his trafficked mother, keen on providing the best education she could to him, so that he doesn’t meet the same fate as hers.

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