Crossovers – When Illegal Migration or Human Smuggling gets misprojected as Human Trafficking

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January 30, 2019
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February 8, 2019


Often, illegal migration or human smuggling gets misprojected as human trafficking. As an organization working with the victims of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation, Prerana have come across cases that appear in the media as those of sex trafficking but turn out to be cases of migration fraud or smuggling. Following is the case of Ritu (name changed), who was rescued by the Police assuming it to be a case of child trafficking, and the intervention by Prerana’s Post Rescue team.

Post-rescue Operation (PRO) refers to the recommended professional intervention, which ideally occurs after victimization. The PRO begins immediately after rescue of a traffic victim and continues up to the stage of repatriation and/or social reintegration. A proper post-rescue operation is often what determines the success of a police investigation, as well as ultimately lead to a prosecution.

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