Trafficking On A Global Scale: An Interview With Sophie Otiende

Trafficking Localised In The Neighbourhood
February 13, 2019
Need For Victim-Centric Trauma-Informed Counselling: An Interview With Yasmin Manji
February 20, 2019


In December 2018, Sophie Otiende, a Program Consultant with HAART Kenya, visited Prerana to understand the functioning of the organization and its various programs.

HAART or Awareness Against Human Trafficking ( is a non-governmental organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the only organization in the country that works exclusively on eradicating human trafficking.

When Sophie, along with Yasmin Manji, a Clinical Psychologist with HAART Kenya, visited Prerana, the two organizations exchanged ideas and learnings based on their years of ground work and research.

As we talked to her about the state of trafficking in Kenya in particular and across the nations in general, Sophie felt that any policy at a global level would only fructify if the issue of trafficking is
successfully identified and addressed at a local and regional level.

Here are the excerpts from her interview with Prerana. Read here.

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