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SDG Goal 8- Understanding Prerana’s interventions towards establishing a safer and more inclusive society

Dr. Pravin Patkar co-founded Prerana in the year 1986, along with Priti Patkar. He also founded Asia’s first Anti-Human Trafficking resource center in the year 1999, supported by the US Government. He has also served as an expert on several national and international agencies working in the anti-human trafficking sector. Aside from his commendable work in the anti-trafficking sector, Dr. Patkar is an academic and has been in the teaching profession for over forty years.

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Sensitive communication with children: A guide for parents

We conduct various interactive sessions with the mothers to help them understand the importance of sensitive communication with children, and how can one practice it effectively. During an interaction with our counselor Ms. Shruti Chatterjee, she shared how we can communicate effectively with children in various situations, and make the child feel comforted.

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Let’s Talk- A session on sensitive communication

Ms. Shruti Chatterjee joined Prerana as a Counsellor in 2020. She works with children who avail services of Prerana’s Night Care Centre, children who have been placed in Child Care Institutions as children in need of care and protection and with children at Naunihal, a Children’s Home for girls managed by Prerana. She also works with parents and other caregivers, both at the individual level and as a group.

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Understanding the impact of labeling on children: A counselor’s observations

Working with children in Child Care Institutions involves multiple aspects. Psychological counselling being one of them, involves addressing the child’s needs and discussing these needs with the child’s caseworker. A counselor has to work together with the child, and other significant people in the child’s life to make the casework effective. The following case study aims to provide an insight towards the challenges that a child could face in the CCI and how the self-esteem of the child could be affected by the environmental as well as innate factors.

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